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To ensure you can harness the benefits of an Industry 4.0 smart factory, we offer various services under the banner of MAXOLUTION® Factory Automation that support factory planners and operators in their project work.

From the design stage and system planning to digital and actual operation.
From the design stage and system planning to digital and actual operation.

We launched MAXOLUTION® Factory Automation to help existing and potential customers pursue the smart factory model. Thanks to a diverse portfolio of consulting and planning services, smart services such as simulations, virtual reality and augmented reality, predictive, intelligent process modules and automated assistance systems, experts within a company can achieve the factory of tomorrow today.

Training 4.0

Benefit from our wealth of experience. As well as product and system solutions, we offer advice on factory design and production automation.

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Data assists staff

We support staff with handheld systems and smartglasses, especially in the initial training phase. Necessary information or work steps are displayed in context.

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Creating virtual factories

Industry 4.0 lets you plan and then tour your new production plant virtually – before you've even built it.

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Simulation and emulation

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High unit numbers, even with batch sizes of one

We are happy to help you realize your smart factory
We are happy to help you realize your smart factory
We are happy to help you realize your smart factory

Production processes and layouts are changing so that increasingly customized products can be produced both flexibly and efficiently. A basic building block for the smart factory of the future is switching from a rigid structure to a more modular, flexible, and adaptable one. This allows companies to add, duplicate, or remove individual modules as appropriate to sales. As a result, a factory can be adapted more quickly to changing market conditions. The loose interlinking of processes using automated assistance systems and intelligent order processing allows for maximum flexibility.

Scalable, flexible, customized

A modular system for mobile assistance systems ensures that everything from simple transporters to complex assistance systems and highly customized vehicles can be provided. The portfolio ranges from a mobile system with a carrying capacity of between 500 kg and 3 metric tons to inductive track guidance and navigation that doesn't rely on physical references. Due to a variety of energy sets consisting of charging technology and energy storage units, it's possible to implement the perfect solution for the relevant process based on the customer's specific needs.

Your benefits

  • Planning certainty

    Thanks to realistic estimates and close coordination between us and you
  • Risk minimization

    For technical, legal and tax risks – based on continuous and structured risk management
  • Close coordination on the project

    Thanks to the organization of workshops – either at your premises or ours
  • Transparency

    Based on continuous status reporting throughout the course of the project
  • One specific contact person

    For the duration of the project – creating trust and enhancing communication

Industry 4.0 made by SEW-EURODRIVE

From the design stage and system planning to digital and actual operation – fully comprehensive, in-depth, skilled, and intelligent

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