Training 4.0: Learning digitalization and Industry 4.0 in a smart way

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For you, we have brought the vision of Industry 4.0 to life with our Training 4.0 in our showcase factory: You can learn directly and practically what that means in our production and assembly plant in Graben-Neudorf. Innovative concepts for a range of different logistics, assembly and manufacturing tasks are demonstrated under real conditions according to the value creation principles "lean management", "one-piece flow" and "small factory unit".

Your key to success? Knowing how to create the perfect symbiosis of employee and technology in your own production along the entire value creation chain – from configuration to production and assembly, all the way to delivery! Our Training 4.0 prepares you for Industry 4.0 and your market requirements of the future.

Your benefits

  • Learn practically

    Under real operating conditions in our own smart factory where you can receive first-hand suggestions
  • Learn actively

    With new digital tools and assistants, you can get active yourself and be in the middle of the action rather than just present
  • Learn project planning yourself

    Thanks to our experienced Industry 4.0 experts, who will also advise you on lean management, factory design and automation

For information on our Training 4.0, refer to the online seminar catalog

Under "WIEPROConsulting" and "Lean Industry 4.0 – competitive advantages"

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Benefit from our wealth of experience

In addition to product and system solutions, we offer advice on lean management, value stream orientation, factory design and production automation. Our experts work with you to plan, configure and implement your process solutions. Take part in our seminars and training courses and put into practice your vision of Industry 4.0.

Participants can actively experience the advantages of Industry 4.0 in practice at the learning island 4.0 as part of an on-site training in Graben-Neudorf according to the motto "in the middle of the action rather than just present". They are supported by professional trainers, the new digital tools and assembly assistants. The participants will learn how to place employees at the center of action and how to work with digital and mobile assistants according to lean principles. Start your own industrial revolution now!

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