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Our MAXOLUTION® tools offer the automotive industry a series of innovative and smart software solutions. MOVIVISION® parameterizable plant software helps plant manufacturers and operators to plan, configure, simulate and start up their materials handling systems.

Our software tools for your plant

  • MAXOLUTION® tools for rapid startup without needing programming skills:
    MOVIVISION® Plant software
  • MAXOLUTION® tools for an optimum testing and verification environment:
    MOVIVISION® Simulation & emulation
  • MAXOLUTION® tools for scalable monitoring and preventive maintenance:
    MOVIVISION® Condition monitoring

Your benefits

  • Everything from a single source

    The entire control and drive system from the stationary control level to controls and sensors on the vehicles.
  • Planning certainty and risk minimization

    Thanks to a certified project team, simulation and emulation using MOVIVISION®, startup, production support and project approval
  • Perfectly coordinated for your production needs

    The modular systems are integrated into your plant using our flexible MOVIVISION® software solutions
  • Data transparency and high plant availability

    Thanks to intelligent DriveRadar® software solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Stay one step ahead of the error!

MOVIVISION® plant software

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MOVIVISION® – flexible and scalable
MOVIVISION® – flexible and scalable

Parameter setting instead of programming:

Customized solutions and high flexibility are playing an increasingly important role in mobile and stationary materials handling technology. MOVIVISION® ensures plant manufacturers and operators can quickly and easily start up materials handling technology without needing any special programming expertise. MOVIVISION® combines centralized data management with decentralized intelligence. This simplifies and shortens the complex communication paths between all the hardware and software components.

As a result, continuous monitoring and diagnostics are also possible during production. Thanks to this flexible, user-friendly solution, retrofitting or modifying the system and performing detailed error diagnostics are no problem. Based on three performance levels – motion, function and coordination – MOVIVISION® offers the optimum solution for tasks from simple motions to complex coordination.

User interface, MOVIVISION simulation & emulation
MOVIVISION® – simulation & emulation
MOVIVISION® – simulation & emulation

Simulation and emulation:

The plant layout can be implemented based on a customer file or can be edited and enhanced in MOVIVISION® . Using functions such as the motion profile editor, the lifting, traveling and rotating profiles for EMSs, for example, can be parameterized for individual workstations easily and with flexibility. Prior to startup, the parameterized EMS functions can be tested in combination with the overarching plant PLC and verified using MOVITOOLS® that offer the ideal simulation and emulation environment.

 Condition monitoring
MOVIVISION® – Condition monitoring
MOVIVISION® – Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance with DriveRadar®:

Continuous monitoring and diagnostics / remote diagnostics are also possible during production. Our DriveRadar® portfolio ensures our customers can detect wear in drive technology at an early stage based on real-time data, take action before problems occur and prevent unplanned failures.

Thanks to the compatibility of the system, add-ons and modifications can be implemented even years later.

The three steps to success: Motion – function – coordination


  • Visual track outline
  • Integrated track visualization and operation
  • Manual operation
  • Virtual pre-startup using plant simulation (2D, 3D)
  • Decentralized installation with central data management
  • Access authorization management
  • Automatic motion sequence coordination (collision protection, synchronous travel)
  • Ensuring independent production flows (routing management, specified targets)
  • Parameterizable data exchange with higher-level controller
  • Inclusion of production/part data
  • Exchanging production-relevant data with higher-level systems
  • Special additional functionalities thanks to technological functions (TecUnits)
  • Support for safety technology

Application examples

  • MAXOLUTION® system solutions such as skillets with lifting tables, electrified monorail systems


  • Planning
  • Configuration
  • Administration of plant data
  • Management of plant data
  • Plant parameterization
  • Plant startup
  • Simplification of plant maintenance
  • Plant diagnostics
  • Plant operation and monitoring
  • Simulation

MOVIVISION® parameter and diagnostics tool

Users can access the central database of the MOVIVISION® server through the parameter and diagnostics tool.


  • All data is stored in one central database
  • Establishing a link to the connected decentralized control components
  • Data exchange between the server and decentralized control components via fieldbuses and/or networks
  • This is the only place where parameters are set or changed
  • Management and monitoring of access authorizations
  • Activation of automatic parameter download during unit replacement
  • High degree of data security and user-friendliness
  • Fault analysis option with logging
  • Catalog functions


  • Visual display of the decentralized control components’ data on the user interface
  • The parameter and diagnostics data for each unit is displayed separately. Both nodes are divided into the:
    • Drive level
    • Positioning level
    • Technological level
  • Option of assigning different access authorizations to users: For monitoring or parameterizing, initial startup, unit replacement, etc.
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Implement safe and efficient processes in automobile production. Our 3D animation highlights how we help you to do so.
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Implement safe and efficient processes in automobile production. Our 3D animation highlights how we help you to do so.

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