Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Logistics management – efficient and reliable

Logistics management – efficient and reliable

Pick-Up and Delivery Service

We are not just the prime choice when it comes to drive engineering and automation but also when it comes to transportation and procurement logistics. Our Pick-Up and Delivery Service offers more than just fast pick-up or delivery – we also support you in disassembling and/or reassembling components and devices. This allows you to benefit from perfectly coordinated processes and optimal support from our experienced employees.

Have your drive technology picked up – easy with the Pick-Up Box!

You can use our Pick-Up and Delivery Service for the rapid collection, technical examination and quick return of your gear units and gearmotors. It's easier than ever with the Pick-Up Box: We take care of the transport logistics and processing.

Pick-Up Box

Our Pick-Up and Delivery Service ensures rapid collection and checking of your gear units and gearmotors. This is totally straightforward using the Pick-Up Box. You can decide when and where the collection of the Pick-Up Box and the subsequent delivery takes place. SEW-EURODRIVE’s skilled service staff take care of everything else for you – from providing the Pick-Up Box to collection and taking care of the transport.

The Pick-Up Box is collected by a shipping company as standard. For rush orders, however, you can choose express collection by courier or taxi. In this way, your drive technology is back in use as quickly as possible.

Overview of the Pick-Up Box logistics procedure

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Pick-Up Box logistics 1

On-site provision of the Pick-Up Box free of charge

Filling the Pick-Up Box

Filling the box with mechanical drive technology components from both SEW-EURODRIVE and other manufacturers


Collection of the Pick-Up Box and simultaneous provision of a new, empty box


Examination of the drive technology, repairs carried out after customer approval

Return delivery

The repaired drive technology components are delivered on an agreed date

Your benefits

  • Reduced logistics workload

    SEW-EURODRIVE coordinates all the transport logistics, from pick-up to delivery following repair
  • Transport to suit your needs

    Depending on how urgent your repairs are, you can use our standard forwarding agent service or express pick-up and delivery by courier or taxi
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Pick-up and delivery service

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