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DriveRadar® IoT Suite for industrial gear units

Condition monitoring and maintenance forecasting

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, unscheduled downtimes in production are the nightmare of every plant operator. Temporary production outages mean that costs soar instantly.

Think ahead and don’t let it get that far in the first place! DriveRadar® for industrial gear units is an ultra-modern condition monitoring system, which digitally records and automatically assesses gear unit data. The results of such analyses can be used to evaluate the current condition of gear units. Forecasts derived from this also allow you to predict future changes in condition. All the results and findings obtained serve as a basis for predictive maintenance.

An extensive package of sensors, with which your industrial gear unit is equipped, provides the database for this. These sensors capture all operationally relevant physical parameters: vibration behavior, oil level, oil temperature, ambient temperature and input speed.

Your benefits

Avoiding downtime

Transparency about the condition of gear units and forecasts for critical changes in condition make predictive and needs-based maintenance possible.

Reduced maintenance costs

The condition-based planning of service and maintenance measures greatly extends your maintenance intervals.

fault elimination

A precise localization of faults and corresponding recommendations for action allow maintenance measures to be carried out in a targeted manner.

Transparency from any location

The easy-to-use web application creates a rapid overview of the condition of gear units and components online and issues email or app-based notifications.


Maximizing the oil service life by determining the usage-dependent oil condition and the targeted replacement of rolling bearings, for example, make optimum use of parts possible.

A simple explanation of the operating principle

DriveRadar® for industrial gear units allows you to plan maintenance measures in advance – thereby avoiding unscheduled plant downtimes.

Sensors installed in the gear unit record physical parameters of the industrial gear unit that are of relevance to operation. The recorded data is then evaluated and interpreted on an automated basis. Continually monitoring the measured values ensures a transparent gear unit condition at all times.

The underlying analytical processes match irregularities directly to the affected components, reveal trends and make it possible to predict when critical conditions are likely to arise. Should a change in condition occur, the user is informed without delay. Options for eliminating the fault yourself as well as recommended services from SEW-EURODRIVE are both indicated.

DriveRadar® operating principle

1. Data acquisition

The sensors record the parameters of the industrial gear unit and forward these to the DriveRadar® EdgeProcessingUnit (EPU). The package of sensors comprises 2 × acceleration sensors, 1 × oil temperature sensor, 1 × ultrasound sensor, 1 × speed sensor and 1 × DriveRadar® EdgeProcessingUnit.

The sensors capture the following data:

  • Operating hours
  • Input speed and direction of rotation
  • Vibration behavior of rolling bearings and gearing
  • Oil level
  • Oil temperature
  • Oil viscosity
  • Electronics temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Additional sensors can be connected

2. Data connection

The DriveRadar® EdgeProcessingUnit records all sensor data and transmits the collated measured values to the SEW-EURODRIVE data centers (certified in line with ISO/IEC 27001). The data is transmitted encrypted and at short intervals.

3. Data analysis

The raw data that has been collected is analyzed, interpreted and prepared in the SEW-EURODRIVE data centers:

  • Vibration analysis at a constant and variable speed:
    • Condition of individual bearings and their components (outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements)
    • Condition of individual gearings (local gearing damage, circumferential gearing damage/wear)
  • Forecast of remaining service life for rolling bearings and gearing:
    Monitoring of statistical failure probability as a predictive addition to vibration analysis
  • Oil viscosity calculation
    based on the oil temperature recorded and the oil grade used
  • Forecast for the next oil change:
    Prediction of the next oil change due based on oil condition calculated according to use
  • Forecast of oil level:
    Prediction of the time until a critical oil level is reached due to a decrease or increase in the fill level (due to e.g. oil loss, oil contamination)
  • Establishment of operating hours and idling times

4. Data visualization

The visualization in the DriveRadar® IoT Suite allows you to see the current condition of the gear unit and its components at a glance:
This provides your basis for intelligent predictive maintenance.

  • Depending on the measured value, the limit values stored in the system are either taken from your specifications, adopted from the gear unit selection process or generated by the self-learning system itself within the first few months of operation.
  • The system informs you when a limit value is exceeded and also provides direct recommended actions for solving your problem.
  • You can request the appropriate services for your industrial gear units in the web application at any time or immediately after a system notification.

5. Data linking (OPC UA)

Using an OPC UA interface as standard also means measurement data and condition information can be incorporated directly into your customer system. If the traffic light displayed changes to amber or red ("Overall Health Status"), this tells you when you should take a look at your DriveRadar® IoT Suite.

The web application at a glance

All measured values are collated and visualized in the DriveRadar® IoT Suite.

Device list

The device list provides you with an overview of your industrial gear units. You can use filters and a grouping function to configure the view as you wish. A traffic light system simplifies continuous monitoring and ensures the user the transparency required in terms of gear unit condition, doing so in an intuitive way and at all times.

DriveRadar® IoT Suite / Device list view

Overview of measured values and forecasts

Thanks to the visualization of condition and forecast values, you can see at a glance (everything is shown on one page) which measured values are OK or whether there are failures present.

  • Compact overview of all relevant measured variables
  • Vibration analysis and location of components
  • Failure probability forecast for rolling bearings and gearing
  • Oil level and oil change forecast
  • Rapid access to contact and services
DriveRadar® IoT Suite / Overview of measured values and forecast

Detailed view and recommended actions

All historical data for a measured value is visualized in the detailed view. In the event of warnings and errors, you have the option of jumping straight to the time at which the incident was triggered.

  • The recommended actions displayed help you rapidly eliminate the fault.
  • If necessary, SEW-EURODRIVE can be easily contacted to request the appropriate services.
  • An export function is provided for individual further processing of the displayed data.
DriveRadar® IoT Suite / Recommended actions view

What we offer

Alongside new gear units from the X..e series, DriveRadar® can also monitor gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE or other manufacturers that are already in use.


Sensor package:

  • 2 × acceleration sensors
  • 1 × oil temperature sensor
  • 1 × ultrasound sensor
  • 1 × speed sensor
  • 1 × DriveRadar® EdgeProcessingUnit

Access to the web application


  • App for mobile devices included
  • Data tariff for mobile service included
  • Automatic notification of faults and warnings

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„+24“ extended warranty
for industrial gear units

You would like to order your X.e series industrial gear unit with an oil fill ex works? Have you also opted for condition monitoring via DriveRadar® IoT Suite?

Then we can only recommend an extended warranty as a supplement.

Your added value with +24 smart:

  • 24 additional months of warranty on the industrial gear unit free of charge
  • First oil change after 500 operating hours (X..e series) no longer necessary
  • Ongoing monitoring of the gear unit condition using the DriveRadar® IoT Suite


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