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High flexibility
with direct motor mounting because there is no longer any need for an adapter with clamp coupling.

Incredible performance
thanks to the high operating speeds and efficiency levels.

High reliability
due to the wear-free gearing and consistently low rotational clearance.

BS.F series helical-bevel servo gear units
Low-backlash planetary servo gear units – remarkably effective!

High speeds and torques combined with precision and efficiency: Our two series of compact planetary servo gear units offer you a huge number of possible solutions, as well as a range of motor mounting options with the EPH motor adapters for PS.F and the ECH adapters for PS.C.

With consistently low rotational clearance, high torsional rigidity and a high level of efficiency, these highly precise and extremely powerful servo gear units constitute an optimal basis for a variety of servo drives.

The PS.F planetary servo gear units are designed for nominal torques of 25 Nm to 3,000 Nm; the PS.C series is designed for nominal torques of 30 Nm to 320 Nm.

All gear ratios from i = 3 to i = 100 are integers and finely stepped. This means that the servo gear units are particularly suitable for use with controllers that require integer resolution ratios.

Only half the solution without a motor? Then take advantage of our modular concept and combine the servo gear units of the BS.F and PS.C series with the dynamic servomotor of your choice.

Contact form Worldwide locations Surface and corrosion protection
  • Planetary servo gear units
  • Designed for nominal torques between 30 Nm and 320 Nm
  • Provide the basis for diverse, dynamic, and above all, cost-optimized drive solutions
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Any mounting position
  • Life-long lubrication
  • Surface protection: OS1 to OS4
  • Available in four output variants:
    • PSC: B5 output, flange, solid shaft
    • PSKC: B5 output, flange, solid shaft with key
    • PSCZ: B14 output, flange, solid shaft
    • PSKCZ: B14 output, flange, solid shaft with key
PS.C series planetary servo gear units
Torque class
Overhung load range
Gear ratios
Rotational clearance` (single-stage/double-stage)

221 / 222301 170 – 4 000Single-stage

151), 211), 25, 301), 35, 49, 50, 70, 100
10' / 15
321 / 322651 170 – 4 000
521 / 5221602 900 – 6 750
621 / 6223205 390 – 11 000

1) Not for PS(K)C, PS(K)CZ 621 / 622

  • Packaging machines
  • Machine tools
  • Filling and metering units
  • Labeling machines
  • FFS machines
  • Incremental launches
  • Pick & place robots
  • Robot travel axes
  • Flying saw
  • Processing machines
  • Handling gantries
  • Conveyor belts
  • Feed, pivoting and auxiliary axes
  • Travel axes, additional axes
  • Wood processing centers